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Herbal Leucorrhea Medicine

Leucorrhoea is commonly called as the whites. It refers to the whitish discharge that occurs only in women genitals. This is an abnormal condition of female reproductive organs. If this is not treated immediately on its initial stage, it may lead to severity. Latest investigations have shown which secretions form uterus and the upper part of vagina that flows down and is reabsorbed in the lower part of the vagina. It is a normal constant flow with in the female organ. The whitish discharge, on the other hand, is caused by the infection in any of the tissues and variety of factors. Leucorrhoea condition lasts for a week or even for a month.
The symptoms of Leucorrhoea in addition to its whitish discharge from the female organs, includes weakness of the system and tiredness. Women who suffer from these conditions as well experience pain in her lumbar region and claves as well as a dragging sensation on their abdomen. Some women can also suffer from constipation, intense itching and frequent headaches. The chronic form of this condition, patients normally become irritable and they also develop some black patches under their eyes.
What are the remedies that can help you get rid of Leucorrhoea? Well, immunity plays a significant role in elimination. This is the basis why there are no permanent solutions to this particular causation. A woman's body that is susceptible to the infection of a specific pathogen invites Unani remedy for a permanent cure, though the white discharge case is treated with a Unani medicine. The Unani system has a successful track record in treating this kind of condition with various illnesses. There are as well a lot of clinical histories which are something peculiar to find in children. Lots of girls are vulnerable to have Leucorrhoea before they reach puberty. But aside from the Unani system, here are some of the herbal remedies for this condition that you can apply:
Amalaki Seed Powder
Powder of amalaki seed is very essential for the treatment of Leucorrhoea. 2-3 grams of this powder a day with sugar or honey can relieve the white charge.
Chandan Athar
Five drops of chandan athar or sandal wood oil is to be taken with peynan vazhaippazham twide each day.
Mango Seed Powder
1-2 grams of mango seed powder twice daily can help you cure Leucorrhoea.
Fenugreek Seeds
2 teaspoon of the fenugreek seeds two times a day can relieve Leucorrhoea.
Having tender leaves of a guava is very useful in treatment of Leucorrhoea.
Walnut Leaves
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Decoction of some fresh walnut leaves for douching would reduce Leucorrhoea.
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